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Who are we?

Erm... good question. Why do you ask?

Basically we are nobodies. We don't run any mission organisations or churches. We don't have theology degrees and we haven't done any original research. What we write about is what interests us. Our current understanding has arisen from our own experience as it interacts with others either directly, on the net or as we read books.

But we are serious. We are not playing at this. We are attempting to be disciples of Jesus and we have been struggling to do this in a church context for years. At the moment it feels as if it is more possible to be a disciple outside church, but we are still struggling on the edge.

We don't claim to have a lot of answers, but we do have a lot of questions, and we know of places that seem to vield answers and other places that do not seem to understand (or welcome) questions.

In keeping with the philosophy of small voices, we are only us and we do not want to become anyone else before we are taken seriously. We don't want a lot of influence. We probably don't warrant it. But we do want to have our voice heard. It may be the voice God needs to spark someone else off.

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