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What are we doing?

Yes, What are we doing?

We are preparing a set of resources for groups to use in discussing the issues raised by the emergent church. We have three meeting types: Conversations, Presentations and Experimentations (bit dodgy, that last one, I know). We have rules for each of these meeting types that we have drawn up from our own experience. These rules exist to enhance everyone's experience of the meetings.

We are indebted to Agora for their development of conversations. They have a fantastic set of resources on their web site, including some specifically for faith groups.

In our own area, we are talking to the leaders of our local church about starting a small voices group. We will post any news about this as and when it happens.

Our timetable is already blown, so I don't propose to put up another one, but here is the plan:

Meeting types and rules are now online in our resources section.

Meetings Subject list will be next

Notes for each meeting will then be published. (Not necessarily in order)

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