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Welcome to Small Voices, a web site for those who are seeking to find new ways of being church. Particularly for those who are creating something new from the bottom floor up.

What is most visible in the church is formal congregations. The agendas and priorities of the leaders of those congregations have dominated the pulpits and bookstalls of the church. In a top-down system, the voice from the top is most clearly heard.

In a bottom-up system there is no coherent message, simply a chaos of different views and agendas, but we have learned by now that order can arise out of disorder and that new perspectives can emerge from the melting pot of individual viewpoints and experiences.

The problem that the church faces today is that the top down message is increasingly out of synch with the experiences, thinking and priorities of people in the congregation. People are drifting out of congregations not to abandon their faith but in order to preserve it.

In these pages, you will see one viewpoint of how things could be, and we will be posting resources that may be useful to you in determining your own direction and adding your own voice.

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